Brazilian Portuguese Football Phrases - Dictionaries

The world cup 2014™ language guide is the perfect companion for your trip to Brazil this summer if you are going to follow the FIFA world cup™. It contains all the translated information that you need about traveling, eating out and cheering or commenting on the football players in a soccer stadium.

How to print the guide like a brochure:
  • Open the PDF file
  • Select 'Print'
  • Click on 'Booklet'
  • Select 'Front side only' under 'Booklet subset' and print
  • Place the printed document back in the paper tray to print on the other side
  • Repeat the operation selecting 'Back side only'

The world cup™ guide is split into two main categories. The first one is about daily life abroad and how to survive with minimal knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese. It contains sentences about accommodation, food, health, numbers and other basic conversational topics. It is ideal for the time spent in Brazil between two football games. The second part is about football and soccer words, indispensable for your sporty conversations! You will find all the technical terms related to football, soccer, shots, tactics but also all the idioms and typical phrases that you will definitely want to shout at the top of your lungs in a stadium. You can download the full guide as a PDF by clicking on the link above. All the information gathered there is in Portuguese and English and can be printed out in a leaflet that you can carry around with you during your time in Brazil for the 2014 football world cup™. If you want to have a more comprehensive holiday language guide, you can check our Phrase section.