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The number of people doing internships abroad is increasing daily, no wonder! International business experience is crucial for a successful professional career nowadays and where can you get this more easily and more efficiently than by doing an internship in a foreign country, for example Germany? But it is not just that, it's also an adventure to work in a company abroad with different rules and different habits that you have to cope with. You'll be killing two birds with one stone: apart from gaining important professional skills, you will also refine your character by adapting to a new environment. Soft skills ahoy, which you will desperately be in need of for your future professional life.

Germany: a country full of internship opportunities

The internship marketplace is not only suitable for internship seekers. We offer companies a platform to post internships in Germany for international applicants. Those internships cover all professional sectors and job varieties. Are you looking for an SEO specialist? Or for someone who supports your recruiting department? Maybe a business development intern? If you are the recruiter of a company, feel free to upload your ad to attract people from all over the world to your German company. It's completely free to upload an ad. All you need to do is copy the relevant information into the specific fields and add a logo if you want. If you are a student or young professional looking for an enticing internship opportunity in Germany, you can find offers from the world of humanities, from the business sector or from engineering companies. Are you interested in an internship at a start-up or do you prefer a long-established enterprise that already exists for decades? In our database, you will find something suitable. Students and young professionals are given the opportunity to explore the German market and find an internship that caters to their needs. Feel free to email us at internshipmarketplace [at] if you have any questions or suggestions.

Insider's tips on the German job market

Why do an internship in Germany and not somewhere else abroad? The German unemployment rate is significantly lower when compared with other countries. The working conditions are also of a very high quality. Some companies offer up to 30 days off per year and jobs are protected by law in many cases. Some industries even reduced the weekly working hours to only 35 hours. If you happen to land a job with one of those, you can enjoy 5 hours more free time than other employees in other industries. Internships in Germany are sometimes paid, sometimes not, depending on the field you work in. Usually, engineering internships are paid as are those in business related fields. If you study humanities it is fairly likely that your internship will be unpaid. However, some companies in those fields do pay wages or offer accommodation for free. There are also a lot of companies which offer benefits other than remuneration. Especially in the start-up scene you will find many firms providing perks like free fruit and free drinks, be it coke, coffee, or water as well as free lunch vouchers and something similar. The working atmosphere in German companies is quite calm and work-orientated compared to other countries. Get your CV and cover letter ready and start applying for internships in Germany!

Find your internship in Germany

Let us hear from a young person who has already been through such an undertaking - moving abroad for an internship in Germany, this new experience having enriched his life. Chris, 24 years old, from Newcastle, United Kingdom: "One of the most rewarding things I've ever done was my internship abroad. I had been studying a few different things and couldn't really decide where to specialise. Then I chose to study public relations and after two semesters in London, I decided to go abroad. At first, I wasn't sure which country it should be and if I would manage abroad, all alone and with another language and all these uncertainties, but then it all turned out well. I applied for an internship at a German conservationist organisation. I did the job interview over Skype and I must have been quite convincing since they took me on. I did the internship and continued to study in Germany. Now I study and manage the English social media channel of that organisation and translate the content of their website into English. I have developed so many useful social and professional skills, boosted my German language skills and had plenty of enriching experiences. I don't want to exaggerate but I would say it was one of the best decisions of my whole life to go abroad. I can only recommend this to all fellow students or young professionals." If this sounds thrilling to you, then grab the opportunity and look for your own internship in Germany or if you are a recruiter, make your office international, upload an offer and get a young and eager student from abroad.