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With you can find plenty of internship opportunities in France. Various companies post their vacancies from all over the country, so whether you would like to spend a few months in Marseille or Lyon for a summer internship or enjoy Parisian life, you will be able to find a suitable offer on the internship platform. All you need to do is to click on the ads that are of interest to you and browse through them to decide if you would be the right fit. If so, either click on the link provided to apply on the company's website or get in touch directly with the recruiter.

Why intern in France?

The regulations for internships in France make for some great reasons to move to this country. Since July 2014, an intern benefits from the same perks as any employee within the same company when it comes to transportation costs and meal costs. If you find an internship in Paris for instance, you will get 50% of the cost of your Navigo card back. For lunch, you may eat at the company's restaurant or get a meal voucher, partially paid for by the employer, at a rate of one per business day. You may use them in some restaurants and supermarkets, but bear in mind that they don't all have to accept meal vouchers. The other perk of interning in France is that you will get paid from the first working day, provided that the internship lasts more than two months. The minimum monthly financial compensation amounts to around 550€ net. There is also an hourly rate, if applicable. Some large companies, especially in the financial sector, are used to being more generous in this respect. Regarding contracted hours, by law you are not allowed to work longer than your supervisor (generally 35 or 39 hours per week). Internships of over six consecutive months in the same company are not possible anymore. All of the above aims at offering better protection of the interns' rights and at improving the general working conditions.

Insights into the French job market

When looking for an internship in France, you should be aware that it won't be an easy task. You will be competing against many other candidates for the spot, all of whom have different backgrounds and statuses. For example, there might be students on a gap year or who are currently studying, young graduates looking for more practical experience before looking for a job or people going back to school after a career counselling. Internships (stages in French) are a must for most French students in order to complete their degrees. Due to the current job market situation, a significant amount of young professionals also have to compromise and take on an internship position with the hopes that it will lead to a fixed term contract or permanent job within the same company in the future, or at least help them to improve their CVs. Hence, a huge variety of applications will be scanned by the recruiters and yours will need to make an impression. If you're unsure of what the best French phrases are for your CV or cover letter, be sure to check out our phrase dictionary.

Fulfil your French dream

Fancy heading to the Eiffel Tower after work? Entirely possible if you manage to secure an internship in Paris! Companies in Paris are looking for international applicants and regularly post internship offers in all professional areas. So if you are looking for an internship in Paris, Lyon or somewhere else in France, this is the right place to search for your dream internship. No matter what degree you have, chances are you will find the right match for you!