Professional translation by certified translators

If you want to ensure that your translations are of the highest quality, it is essential to let experts take care of your translation. Machine translations generally result in simple errors, but not infrequently in embarrassing misunderstandings too. Only a professional, experienced translator can translate your text in such a manner as to preserve all contextual and cultural nuances. We recommend the TÜV-verified, Hamburg translation agency tolingo. With tolingo GmbH, you can be sure that your translation will not only be delivered on time, but also of the highest quality. Impress your customers and business partners with the impeccable quality of your translated documents, manuals, brochures, contracts, reports or websites.

tolingo GmbH works with around 6,000 translators. This means that international language experts for professional translations on a native language level are available at any time. The often lengthy procedure of requesting a quotation, as required with translation agencies, is also omitted. The price calculator at provides you information about translation rate and delivery date at the click of a button.

Initial price information can also be calculated using the adjacent calculator. Simply enter the number of words in the document to be translated along with the language combination - done! The document to be translated can then be uploaded (of course, using data transmission encrypted via SLL) directly to is analysed in a few seconds by the tolingo system. After specifying the desired delivery date, the exact price of the translation is displayed and if you want to, you can immediately order the translation.

Should you have any questions about price, complex orders, special file formats and special additional services, such as website translations, file handling, desktop publishing (DTP) or translation memory, the tolingo team is of course, available at any time and will be happy to put together the ideal service package for your respective translation requirements. Just call tolingo's customer service team (+49 40-413583100) or send an email to [email protected]

  • Create an order via tolingo's web shop or customer service
  • The tolingo project management team selects a translator who is ideally suited to handling the subject matter
  • The order is translated by a certified specialist translator and proofread by an second independent specialised translator. Editing can also be carried out on request
  • Professionally translated content in the required file format is delivered in a timely manner

Translations by a professional translation agency cost money, and for good reason. Automated translations, translation software and translation machines are incapable of recognising the subtleties and nuances of a language. The time and effort you put into a text should not be lost due to an automated translation. We always recommend using a certified translator instead of free translation alternatives in order to ensure that your content is translated reliably, competently and professionally.